The Jury, Master of Taste

 The largest jury of Chefs and Sommeliers, opinion leaders in taste

Jury of chefs and sommeliers

Find here under the non-exhaustive list of the Jury members.


The Juries of the International Taste & Quality Institute - iTQi - are unique in the world because they are selected from the exclusive partnership with prestigious culinary organisations, the Association de la Sommellerie Internationale (ASI) and other highly regarded drink experts.


These judges, carefully selected by iTQi and these organisations, have been trained for many years to taste food products. They have exercised their profession in Europe but also, in countries as diversified as Japan, China, Thailand, Australia, North, Central and South America. They are passionate and enthusiastic in their ongoing discovery for new flavours from unknown products wherever the origin may be.


Judges are chosen for their:

  • extended practice in tasting
  • unanimously recognized talents as Chefs or Sommeliers by guides such as Michelin or Gault Millau 
  • exceptional expertise
  • capacity to describe gustatory features of food & drink products
  • ability to suggest potential improvements within the framework of sensory analysis, which is the essence of their profession.

 The information supplied by iTQi is appreciated by participating companies in order to study the results from the tests in detail. The graph and reports from the sensory analysis are valuable tools used by the R&D and Quality Control Managers; who are in constant search for independent and documented opinions by taste professionals. This information is also used by Sales Managers in their business negotiations.


In order to optimize the objectivity of the test, iTQi organizes its tests :

  • eliminating any interference between the jury members
  • presenting products on a blind basis
  • organising large jury panels. iTQi is the organisation that simultaneously gathers the largest number of  professional international tasters that has contributed to build the value and prestige of the Superior Taste Award worldwide.

For the sake of transparency, iTQi authorises participating companies, on specific request, to attend the tasting.

Non-exhaustive list of iTQi's jury members : 


Fausto AiroldiFausto AiroldiPresident of the Associação de Cozinheiros Profissionais de Portugal
Director of the World Association of Chefs' Societies
Ilias AnapliotisIlias AnapliotisAssociation de la Sommellerie Internationale,Greece
Theodoros AnastasiadisAndreas GiannopoulosAssociation de la Sommellerie Internationale,Greece
Pierre-Andr? AyerPierre-André AyerRestaurant Le Pérolles, Executive Chef, Fribourg, Switzerland
Fernando BassiFernando BassiFederazione Italiana Cuochi, Italy
Geoffrey BentrariSwitzerland
Michel BlanchetMichel BlanchetPresident of the Maîtres Cuisiniers de France
Didier BolleDider BolleEuro-Toques,
Joel BoilleautJoel BoilleautMaître Cuisinier de France
Guy BonnefoitGuy BonnefoitAssociation de la Sommellerie Internationale, Germany
Stefano Bonomi  Stefano Bonomi Association de la Sommellerie Internationale, Switzerland
Benoît BourivainBenoît BourivainEuro-Toques, Belgique
Carina BrydlingCarina BrydlingSvenska Kocklandslaget, Sweden
Ulrika Brydling Ulrika BrydlingSvenska Kocklandslaget, Sweden
Gabriella Bugari Gabriella BugariFederazione Italiana Cuochi, Italy
Paolo Caldana Paolo CaldanaFederazione Italiana Cuochi, Italy
Jörgen CalmsundJörgen CalmsundSvenska Kocklandslaget, Sweden
Liam CampbellIreland
Giuseppe CasaleGiuseppe Casale  Federazione Italiana Cuochi, Italy
Jean CastodotJean CastadotEuro-Toques,
Ferruccio Castelli Ferruccio CastelliFederazione Italiana Cuochi, Italy
Jacky ChartierJacky ChartierThe Hilton Hotel , Executive Chef, Brussels, Belgium
Cesare Chessorti Cesare ChessortiFederazione Italiana Cuochi, Italy
Alessandro CircielloAlessandro CircielloFederazione Italiana Cuochi, Italy
Alain ClosAlain ClosEuro-Toques Luxembourg
Giorgio ColliGiorgio ColliAssociation de la Sommellerie Internationale
Antonio Correia 
Gabriella Costi Gabriella CostiFederazione Italiana Cuochi, Italy
coxAlan CoxonBBC Chef, UK
Carlo CranchiCarlo CranchiFederazione Italiana Cuochi, Italy
Philip E CorrickPhilip E CorrickThe Royal Automobile Club, Executive Chef, London, England
Mikel DaalsMikel DaalsAssociation de la Sommellerie Internationale, The Netherlands
Ulrich HeldmannMichele D'AgostinoExecutive Chef,
Federazione Italiana Cuochi, Italy
Angelo Giovanni Di Lena Angelo Giovanni Di Lena Federazione Italiana Cuochi, Italy
Ezio De BernardiEzio De BernardiAssociation de la Sommellerie, Switzerland
Emilio Del FanteEmilio Del FanteAssociation de la Sommellerie, Switzerland
Yves DelplaceYves Delplace Maître Cuisinier de France 
Alain DelucAlain DelucLe Barbizon,
Executive Chef,
Brussels, Belgium
Jean-Michel DelucJean-Michel DelucAssociation de la Sommellerie, France
Fabrice d'HulsterFabrice d'HulsterSea Grill Radisson SAS Royal Hotel, Maître Sommelier, Belgium
Vincenzo Di Bella Vincenzo Di BellaFederazione Italiana Cuochi, Italy
Manuel Joaquim Duarte MoreiraManuel Joaquim Duarte MoreiraFederación de Asociaciones de Cocineros de España, Spain
Alain DugardinAlain DugardinVice-Best Sommelier of France 1987-88
dupont Claude DupontEuroToques
Gerard DupontGerard DupontPresident of the Académie Culinaire de France
Alex DuranAlex Duran


Mario EngbersMario EngbersExecutive Chef,
Verband der Köche Deutschlands,
Jean-Marc EvrardJean-Marc EvrardMaître Cuisinier de France and Académie Culinaire de France
FaberXavier FaberBest Sommelier of Belgium 2000 Competition 
Fabók Mihály Mihály FabókAssociation de la Sommellerie Internationale, Hongrie 
Charlotte FalkeSweden
Jose Maria Osoro FernandezJose Maria Osoro FernandezAsociacion Asturiana de Sumilleres, Spain
Annemarie Foidl Annemarie Foidl Association de la Sommellerie Internationale, Autriche
Marc FoucherMarc FoucherMaître Cuisinier de France
Académie Culinaire de France
Jean-Marie GautierJean-Marie GautierMaître Cuisinier de France
Matteo GhiringhelliMatteo GhiringhelliAssociation de la Sommellerie Internationale, Italy
Giacomo Giancaspro Giacomo GiancasproFederazione Italiana Cuochi, Italy 
Giuliano GianottiGiuliano GianottiLa Maison du Boeuf,
Maître Sommelier,
Brussels, Belgium
Christian GiraudChristian GiraudAcadémie Culinaire de France
Henning GödeckeHenning GödeckeExecutive Chef,
Verband der Köche Deutschlands,
Louis GrondardLouis GrondardMaître Cuisinier de France
Pedro Larumbe GorraitzPedro Larumbe GorraitzExecutive Chef, Federación de Asociciones de Cocineros de España
Eva Nina HammaeskoldSweden
Alain HastainAlain HastainAcadémie Culinaire de France
Ulrich HeldmannUlrich HeldmannConcordia Executive Chef,
Verband der Köche Deutschlands,
Orlando Alvarez IglèsiasOrlando Alvarez IglèsiasAssociation de la Sommellerie Internationale, Portugal
Zhoro IvanovZhoro IvanovEuro-Toques, Europe
Jacquet Jenny  Jenny JacquetAcadémie Culinaire de France 
Guy JasnotGuy JasnotAcadémie Culinaire de France
Conny JohanssonConny JohanssonSvenska Kocklandslaget, Sweden
Kozma KalmanHungary
Miltos KaroubasMiltos KaroubasPresident of the Hellenic Chef's Association, Greece
Simon KeeganSimon KeeganAssociation de la Sommellerie Internationale, Irland
Göran KlintbergGöran KlintbergAssociation de la Sommellerie Internationale, Sweden
Antal KovacsAntal KovacsAssociation de la Sommellerie Internationale, Hungary
Johan KragtwijkJohan KragtwijkAssociation de la Sommellerie Internationale, The Netherlands
Jan KuxJan KuxSommelier-Union Deutschland, Germany
Guy LegayGuy LegayAcadémie Culinaire de France
Alain LeloupAlain LeloupAssociation des Sommeliers d'Europe, France
Carlos MadeiraCarlos MadeiraAssociação de Cozinheiros Profissionais de Portugal
Domenico Maggi Domenico Maggi Federazione Italiana Cuochi, Italy
Daniel MarcilDaniel MarcilAssociation of European Sommeliers,Canada
António Bóia MartinsAntónio Bóia MartinsAssociação de Cozinheiros Profissionais de Portugal
Olivier MartinOlivier MartinAuberge Communale, Executive Chef,
Bogis-Bossey, Switzerland
Fabio MasiTheodoros AnastasiadisAssociation de la Sommellerie Internationale, Italy
Eric MatejsekEric MatejsekExecutive Chef,
Verband der Köche Deutschlands,
Sergio Mauri Sergio MauriFederazione Italiana Cuochi, Italy
Reinhold MetzReinhold MetzVerband der Köche Deutschlands, Germany
Sergio MianSergio MianFederazione Italiana Cuochi, Italy
Dominque MichouDominique MichouMetropole Hotel,
Executive Chef,
Brussels, Belgium
Claudia MoriondoClaudia MoriondoAssociation de la Sommellerie Internationale, Italy
Coralie MougeCoralie MougeBeverage expert
Pascal Niau Pascal Niau Académie Culinaire de France
Paul op ten BergPaul op ten BergAssociation de la Sommellerie Internationale, The Netherlands
Fernanda OrellanoFernanda OrellanoExecutive Sommelier
Jean PallancaJean PallancaPresident of the Association Monégasque de la Sommellerie, Monaco
Pantaleo PappaletteraPantaleo PappaletteraAssociation de la Sommellerie Internationale, Italy
Michel PasquetMichel PasquetMaîtres Cuisiniers de France
Fabrice PepinoFabrice PepinoAssociation des Sommeliers d'Europe, France
Carsten PfefferleinCarsten PfefferleinExecutive Chef,
Verband der Köche Deutschlands,
Paulo Jorge Tavares PintoPaulo Jorge Tavares PintoPresident of the Associação de Cozinheiros Profissionais de Portugal
Alberto Piras Alberto Piras Association de la Sommellerie Internationale, Italie
David PitchfordDavid PitchfordExecutive Chef,
Read's Restaurant with Rooms,
Untied Kingdom
Claude PohligClaude PohligMaître Cuisinier de Belgique
Marc ProlonMarc PralonAcadémie Culinaire de France
Birgit Preschan Birgit PreschanAssociation de la Sommellerie Internationale, Autriche 
Paul PuissantPaul PuissantMaître Cuisinier de Belgique
Edwin Raaben  Edwin Raaben Association de la Sommellerie Internationale, Pays-Bas
Antonio GarofolinItaly
Alain Reix Alain ReixAcadémie Culinaire de France 
Jean-Claude RigolletJean-Claude RigolletMaître Cuisinier de France
Andreas RohdeAndreas RohdeExecutive Chef,
Verband der Köche Deutschlands,
Andreas RöhrichGermany
Jean-Pierre RousJean-Pierre RousLe Louis XV ,
Maître Sommelier,
Monaco, France
Jean SabineJean SabineAcadémie Culinaire de France
Maître Cuisinier de France
Jímenez Salvador GallegoJímenez Salvador GallegoPresidente de Federación de Asociaciones de Cocineros de España, Spain
Piero Sattanino Piero Sattanino Association de la Sommellerie Internationale, Italie
Meillieur Sommelier du Monde, 1971
Paul SchmitPaul SchmitAssociation de la Sommellerie Internationale, The Netherlands
Uwe ScotlandUwe ScotlandExecutive Chef,
Verband der Köche Deutschlands,
Ingela SvanstromSweden
Fabio Tacchella Fabio TacchellaFederazione Italiana Cuochi, Italy
Hermann ThielHermann ThielExecutive Chef,
Verband der Köche Deutschlands,
Karina TholinSweden
Marina TocholskiMarina TocholskiExecutive Chef,
Verband der Köche Deutschlands,
Gianluca Tomasi Gianluca TomasiFederazione Italiana Cuochi, Italy
Kostas TouloumtzisKostas TouloumtzisEnoteka,
Executive Sommelier,
Athens, Greece
Nicholas TsiknakosNicholas TsiknakosHellenic Chef's Association, Greece
Håkon UrdalHåkon UrdalAssociation de la Sommellerie Internationale, Norway
Giuseppe VaccariniGiuseppe VaccariniCEO, Association de la Sommellerie Internationale, Italy
Teofilos Vafidis Teofilos Vafidis Fundacja Szefów Kuchni, Poland
Roland van den AbeeleRoland van den AbeeleBeverage Expert
Cees VosCees VosAssociation de la Sommellerie Internationale, The Netherlands
John WilliamsJohn WilliamsThe Ritz Hotel - London,
Executive Chairman of the Academy of Culinary Arts
William WoutersWilliam WoutersPresident of the Gilde des Sommeliers de Belgique and de la Association Internationale de la Sommellerie - Belgium
Eyck ZimmerEyck ZimmerExecutive Chef,
The Lowry Hotel,
Manchester, UK
Alberto RovatiAlberto RovatiAssociation de la Sommellerie Internationale - Italie
Andreas RohrichAndreas RohrichAssociation de la Sommellerie Internationale - Allemagne
Antonio CasadoAntonio CasadoAssociation de la Sommellerie Internationale - Espagne
Bartolome SanchezBartolome SanchezAssociation de la Sommellerie Internationale - Espagne
Bruno DeligneBruno DeligneMaîtres Cusiniers de France
Bernard VaussionBernard VaussionMaîtres Cusinier de France - Chef de l'Elysée
Bruno MerilBruno MerilAssociation de la Sommellerie Internationale - France
Carlo BrescianiCarlo BrescianiFederazione Italiana Cuochi
Carmen GarroboCarmen GarroboAssociation de la Sommellerie Internationale - Espagne
Cesario ChessortiCesario ChessortiFederazione Italiana Cuochi
Davide MingiardiDavide MingiardiAssociation de la Sommellerie Internationale - Italie
Edouard LetoublonEdouard LétoublonAssociation de le Sommellerie Internationale - Luxembourg
Ferran CentellesFerran CentellesAssociation de la Sommellerie Internationale - elBulli Fundacion - Espagne
Gabriel BiscayGabriel BiscayMaîtres Cuisiniers de France
Gennaro BuonoGennaro BuonoAssociation de la Sommellerie Internationale - Italie
Gerard BellouetGerard BellouetMaîtres Cuisiniers de France
Gerard BessonGerard BessonMaîtres Cuisiniers de France
Gerard GuyonGerard GuyonAssociation de la Sommellerie Internationale - Luxembourg
Jose Luis Estevan MataixJose Luis Estevan MataixEspagne
Juan Manuel TercenoJuan Manuel TercenoAssociation de la Sommellerie Internationale - Espagne
Kalman KozmanKalman KozmanAssociation de la Sommellerie Internationale - Hongrie
Karina TholinKarina TholinAssociation de la Sommellerie Internationale - Suede
Luciano ParolariLuciano ParolariFederazione Italiana Cuochi
Marco GrassiMarco GrassiAssociation de la Sommellerie Internationale - Italie
Nicole KlebahnNicole KlebhanAssociation de la Sommellerie Internationale - Allemagne
Noreen RudolphNoreen RudolphAssociation de la Sommellerie Internationale - Allemagne
Salvatore SalernoSalvatore SalernoAssociation de la Sommellerie Internationale - Italie - Four Seasons Geneva
Stefano GollerStefano GollerPresidente Associazione Cuochi Trentini
Olivier GremilletOlivier GremilletMaîtres Cuisiniers de France
Andreas BeckerAndreas BeckerVerband der Köche Deutschlands e.V.
Ben BeurtenBen BeurtenGilde van de Nerderlandse Meesterkoks
Celeste DilizioCeleste DilizioAssociation de la Sommellerie Internationale
Christophe BaertChristophe BaertEuro-Toques, Belgique
Domenico PriviteraDomenico PriviteraFederazione Italiana Cuochi
Fikret ÖzdemirFikret ÖzdemirAşçılar Derneği
Franck BordoniFranck BordoniWorld Master Chef Society
Gérard AgasseGérard AgasseAcadémie Culinaire de France
Guy LefèvreGuy LefèvreEuro-Toques, Belgique
Jaime SeveriJaime SeveriAssociation de la Sommellerie Internationale, Italy
Jean-Jacques MenanteauJean-Jacques MenanteauGilde van Nederlandse Meesterkoks
John RetallickJohn RetallickWorld Master Chef Society
Julie DupouyJulie DupouyAssociation de la Sommellerie Internationale, Ireland
Mathias GlusmanMathias GlusmanAssociation de la Sommellerie Internationale, Germany
Michel RinaudoMichel RinaudoEuro-Toques, Belgique
Pascal FauvillePascal FauvilleEuro-Toques, Belgique
Renato BoglioneRenato BoglioneAssociation de la Sommellerie Internationale, Italy
Rudy RinaldiRudy RinaldiAssociation de la Sommellerie Internationale, Italy
Thierry LetellierThierry LetellierAssociation de la Sommellerie Internationale, Belgium
Uroš Urošević Chefs Association Republic of Serbia
Michele d'AgostinoExecutive Chef Fedrazione Italiana Cuoci
Sergio MauriExecutive Chef Fedrazione Italiana Cuoci 
Daniel MarcilSommelier - ASI
Michael Kleeberg Sommelier ASI - Germany
Simon VeldmanASI - The Netherlands
Gérard DevosSommelier Belgium
Laura CecchiniASI - Italy
Catherine GriffithIrish Gilde of Sommeliers 
 Gennaro BuonoASI - Italy
Salvatore SalernoASI - Italy
Brigitte LeloupVice-Présidente, Association Sommelier d'Europe 
Fabbrizio FranzoiSommelier, ASI Italy
Konstantinos Stravroulakis

Sommelier, ASI Italy

Javier PulidoSommelier, ASI Spain
Miranda ManuelASI - Portugal
Octávio Ferreira ASI - Portugal
Gérard GuyonAssociation Luxembourgeoise des Sommeliers
Marco GrassiSommelier - ASI Italy
Catherine AgelastoSommeliers de Paris
Julie DepouyIrish Gilde of Sommeliers 
Liam CampbellIrish Gilde of Sommeliers 
Ferran Centelles SantanaASI - Spain
Geoffrey BentrariSommelier, ASI Switzerland
Niels ToaseASI - Luxembourg
Mary O'CallaghanPresident, Irish Gilde of Sommeliers 
Alain LeloupAssociation Sommelier d'Europe 
Thierry LetellierASI - Belgium
 Nicole KlebahnASI - Germany
Cathrine SuzeauSvenka Sommelierföreningen 
Annemarie FoidlSommelier, Svenka Sommelierföreningen 
Ezio De BernardiSommelier, ASI Switzerland
Angela d'OrazioSvenka Sommelierföreningen 
 Eva Nina HammarskjöldSvenka Sommelierföreningen 
Ingela Svanström Svenka Sommelierföreningen 
Maud DetombeSommelier, ASI Belgium 
 David GianottiSommelier, ASI Belgium 
Fabrice d'HulsterSommelier, ASI Belgium 
Benjamin LacombeSommelier, ASI Belgium
Elisabeth Vidal LarossaSommelier, ASI Spain 
Pilar CaveroSommelier, ASI Spain 
 Caroline O'Dowd 
Giuliano GianottiASI - Belgium
Rosa Vila BarnilsSommelier, ASI Spain
Falgueras MeritxellSommelier, ASI Spain