Benefícios do Superior Taste Award

Benefício 1 : Tasting report from the Jury

The jury of iTQi boasts over 120 top Chefs and Sommeliers who carry out the tastings of food and drink products. This is followed by a strict sensory analysis process. The reports of the tastings provide R&D;and Quality Managers feedback from a neutral party.

  • A confidential sensory analysis graph summarizing the opinion of the Jury is produced for each product.
  • Producers have the option to order the detailed sensory analysis report of the tasting to gain a better understanding of how the judges came to their decision. This report includes suggested areas of improvements from the jury. 
  • Reports include comments utilizing organoleptic criteria such as first gustatory impression, aspect, smell, texture, taste, after-taste, retro-olfaction, etc...


Benefit 2 : Endorsement from opinion leaders

Around the world, the Chefs and Sommeliers of our Jury are considered unparallel opinion leaders. Their endorsement strengthens the negotiating power with distributors, suppliers and retailers.

  • Certified taste is a clear differentiating mark from competition.
  • The Award is a credible superiority claim that can be used in both domestic and export markets.

Benefit 3 : Product differentiation

In your marketing strategy, the use of the Superior Taste Award referring directly to top Chefs & Sommeliers adds prestige to the product and increases brand credibility.


The Superior Taste Award label provides the opportunity to gain new consumers.

  • Communicating accredited superior taste is proven to have a positive impact on sales.
  • Labels can be edited in different formats and languages.The Superior Taste Award is licensed to a product for a period of 3 years.
  • Halo effect: consumers can see the iTQi label on well-known brands around the world.
  • Consumers are ready to pay a price premium for an awarded product.


Benefit 4 : Visibility in the press and Internet

The Superior Taste Award and iTQi are currently active in thousands of Internet pages.

  • By publishing the Award on their own webpages along with iTQi's webpage, the companies are able to increase the number of new visitors.
  • Visibility on the Internet increases the reach of clientele for the participating companies.