" Taste is clearly the distinctive selling argument for our beers. The Superior Taste Award is a seal of quality that fully fits into our strategy and helps us communicating more efficiently to our clients and partners."

- Peter Van Overstraeten, Brand Manager, Anheuser-Busch InBev

" Sales have consistently increased by almost 30% since we have used the label on our packaging ".

- Francesco Faranda, President, Fontalba, Italy


" We have signed several new contracts since we earned our Superior Taste Awards ".

- Karlo Flores, President, Terra Nostra Organic Chocolate, Canada


" We have launched major advertising campaigns on TV, radio and in the Press promoting our awarded products. The results have been far beyond our expectations ".

- Antonio Natal Martuscello, Quality Control Manager, Indústria Nacional de Bebidas Ltda, Brazil


" The Superior Taste Award has become a reference in food trade".

- Xavier R. Durieu Secretary General, EuroCommerce


" We took the opportunity to participate in the contests of iTQi, have been awarded and have simultaneously received some suggestions by iTQi's Chefs for further improving the excellence of our products".

- Norbert Münch, General Manager, Franz Simmler GmbH + Co. KG, Germany


" Our Japanese customers buy our awarded products because they like to know that they have been praised by top European Sommeliers ".

- Shigeharu Asagiri, President, Kyodoshoji Co. Ltd., Coedo Brewery, Japan


" We decided to have a range of own brand products tested by iTQi in order to independently benchmark their quality. We are now using the label on the packaging to further communicate with our clients. The Superior Taste Award is indeed a powerful marketing tool ".

- Pascal Léglise, Quality Director, Carrefour


"The comments by the Jury summarized in the sensory analysis report are very valuable for our Quality Department. iTQi is truly a reference, the Michelin Guide for Food and Drink."

- Paola Alerci - Marketing Manager Bolton Alimentari S.p.A, Italy


"The Award has given us a tool to validate our exceptional taste and quality claims worldwide. It is a valuable mark of differentiation that reassures consumers."

- Dennis Christou - Vice-President MarketingDel Monte Fresh Produce, Inc., USA


"I have participated to iTQi's Juries and found that the Evaluation Process is quite unique and professional. As Chefs, we are enthusiastic to bring our expertise to retailers and consumers in selecting tasty products."
- Michel Blanchet, President, Maîtres Cuisiniers de France

"The Award gives us a neutral seal of quality that helps us communicating credibly to clients about the taste of our fruit juices. Since we are using the iTQi label, we have increased our sales and strengthened our market position."

- David Ferrer Gonçalves - Brand Manager Eckes-Granini Ibérica, Spain

"In all our business contacts an PR initiatives, we are using the Superior Taste Award to differentiate ourselves. It's demonstrating to be a key element for winning new distribution channels in Spain and abroad."

- Alvaro Garcia de Quevedo - New Product Development Manager - Heineken Spain