International Taste & Quality Institute Recognizes Afghan Saffron as World’s Highest Quality - 30-05-2013

International Taste & Quality Institute recognized Afghan saffron as the World's Highest Quality and presented its Award of 2013 to Afghan Saffron Company on 30 May, 2013 at Brussels, Belgium.


The award was officially given to Mr. Humayun Tandar, Afghan Ambassador to Belgium as representative of the company.


The institute has recognized 926 products out of 1200 including foodstuff and beverages as the world's quality ones of 2013.


Mr. Tandar appreciated the institute and outlined importance of the award for Afghan people and government especially for those Afghan farmers who have harvested this quality product in the hard circumstances and fewer possibilities in Afghanistan. "My message to people overseas and consumers of the quality product is, if you want to have best saffron, buy Afghan saffron." He said.


The institute was found on 2003 at Brussels and has been recognized hundreds quality products yet. A 14-Member Jury comprised numerous foodstuff specialists from around the world taste the products in a fair trial and recognized the best ones of the world. The award and certificate of the institute is valued up to three years. The certificate holder can export the products to EU markets as well as markets around the world.