Afghanistan’s saffron has been certified as one of the world’s best saffron. This significant status has been given by the International Taste and Quality Institute in Brussels, the capital of Belgium. This precious plant which is considered as a red gold has been growing efficiently. The cultivation of saffron has popularized during the recent years and it is regarded one of the most significant exporting item in the country.


Mohammad Nawab Azimi the head of Benazir saffron corporations who has been involving in the growing and producing of the saffron at an interview with The Kabul Time’s reporter has stated that Afghanistan is the most suitable place for the saffron production. But if the government’s authorities focus on the improvement of this precious plant, Afghanistan would be the biggest producer of saffron in the world.
The saffron growth has been expanding in an efficient manner in the country; among the provinces Herat has been producing approximately 3000 kg saffron annually.
Azimi has emphasized that we are in competition with Iran and Spain in saffron cultivation, but fortunately Afghanistan’s saffron has gotten the world popularity which are exporting to the United State and European countries.
Azimi has said that the improvement on the cultivation of this valuable plant attracts many of the farmers to cultivate saffron in their lands, and also the saffron exporting corporations considering launching of instruction programs and short courses for the farmers for free of charge.
Azimi has criticized that the traffickers who smuggling Afghanistan’s saffron to Iran, and then in the name of Iran’s saffron exporting to the foreign countries to show that Iran has a  good quality saffron.
AISA’s officials has explained that Afghanistan has increased the saffron production, therefore, according to the presented report in the current year 700 jeribs of the lands have been cultivated saffron in Herat province that its yield would be estimated about 300 kg and the women workers who are working for Afghan Saffron Company doing their tasks . 
Afghanistan’s saffron has turned into an important exporting item, so, in the fourteen provinces the saffron unions are performing the cultivation processes. It is hoped that the country has the opportunity of substituting of poppy with saffron and recently the International Taste and Quality Institute of the foodstuff in Brussels the capital of Belgium has certified Afghanistan’s saffron quality as one of the best in the world.