Sparkling Mineral Water “Sairme” wins 3 golden stars on the “iTQi Superior Taste Award”, a stamp of quality in taste!


Sparkling Mineral Water “Sairme” is the only Georgian mineral water, which has received significantly important recognition, 3 golden stars on the contest “Superior Taste Award”, in Belgium. “ITQi Superior taste Award” is the only international certificate for taste and the stamp of quality granted by drink and food opinion leaders that are Michelin starred Chefs and Sommeliers.


The first time, mineral water “Sairme” has received the award in 2013. In June 2016, the members of jury have evaluated the quality and the taste of the product one more time and awarded the product with the three golden stars for a second time. “Sairme” is the only Georgian water which deserved the highest recognition twice.


“Superior Taste Award” is one of the most important award for food and beverages sector, in the world. We are really proud of the highest quality of our products. Also, we are grateful to the members of the jury, as well as to all our customers around the world for choosing our water which has superior quality and unique taste”, – says Yanina Mashkova, CEO of “Sairme Mineral Waters”.


Company “Sairme Mineral Waters Ltd”, is one of the leading, modern and highly equipped enterprise of producing mineral water in Georgia. The company produces sparkling and spring mineral waters, under the famous brand name of Georgia. Each year company’s sales are increasing in both domestic and foreign markets. Today, “Sairme Mineral Waters Ltd” exports its products in more than 17 countries around the world, allowing consumers to enjoy premium product, representing the part of Georgian gifts of nature.


ITQi is established as the leading international certification body for taste quality, bringing together each year, a jury of some 125 experts – renowned European Chefs and Sommeliers – who gather to evaluate consumer food and drink products from all over the world. The iTQi jury, regrouping 17 different nationalities, is composed of members of prestigious culinary institutions of Europe.


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