Sensory Analysis Report


When entering a product online for the Superior Taste Award, you have the option to order a related hedonic Sensory Analysis Report written during the tasting session by our international Jury.

Our proposal

For each tested product, delivering you five main sensory descriptors thoroughly evaluated by the Jury with as much as a total of 12 to 25 sub-descriptors giving you more specific insights into their assessments.


The Sensory Analysis Reports will prove to be very helpful for:

  • Further understanding of the results of the tastings by a very experienced panel of professional tasters
  • Receiving valuable structured information for your Quality or Product Development Managers
  • Obtaining suggestions for potential improvements of your product when appropriate
  • Marketing and Sales Managers to better communicate with their clients, prospects and distributors.

How to proceed ?

When entering a product online to the Superior Taste Award, simply select the option for a Sensory Analysis Report. The Report will be sent via email after the tasting sessions in June – July.



“Sensory quality is the ultimate measure of product quality and success. It comprises a variety of powerful and sensitive tools to measure human responses to food & drink”

Mr. M.A. Drake, Department of Food Science, North Carolina State University