Evaluation Report

When entering a product online for the Superior Taste Award you have the option to order the related evaluation report (the "Sensory Analysis Report") made during the tasting session by the Jury.


These reports are particularly valuable for your company, products and internal team.
The benefits are numerous:

  • A clearer understanding of the results from the tasting of your products
  • Comments made by very skilled and prestigious Chefs and Sommeliers written with a very rich and precise vocabulary
  • Suggestions for potential improvements that are very useful for your Quality or Product Development Managers
  • A communication tool: excerpts from the report can be used in your Marketing communications and in your business negotiations with distributors or end-consumers.

With this report you will have access to detailed information about several sensory analysis criteria: the first gustatory impression, visual, olfactive, taste, texture and retro-taste (or retro-olfactive) aspects.


iTQi's rigorous procedures follow international tasting standards.