Food & Drink Pairing


Hedonic pairing is a method for identifying which food/drink marry tastefully together. 

The method is based on the principle that food & drink combine tastefully with one another when they share key flavour components and hence adding greater food enjoyment.

Our proposal

Our juries of multicultural Sommelier & Chefs have been actively pairing products during all their professional life and are eager to suggest delicious combinations you’ve never even imagined!

For each newly entered product to the Superior Taste Award, you will optionally receive as much as 6 different pairing proposals from the judges in one report.


The Pairing Report will prove to be very helpful for:

  • Innovating and developing your brand further with your food engineers (R&D)
  • Identifying flavour components and new food & drink connections around your products
  • Adding value to your brand’s proposition
  • Generating new ideas within your company that will prove beneficial to your clients
  • Enriching and reinforcing your company’s communication and advertising methods

How to proceed ?

When entering a product online to the Superior Taste Award, simply select which kind of pairing you would like our Jury to work on.

During this process, you will be asked some questions in order to focus precisely on what you are looking for.

For example, you will be asked whether you want the pairing to be done with food or drink, whether you want the pairing to be for children or adults, whether warm or cold, whether sweet or salty, etc…

The report will be sent via email after the tasting sessions in June – July.


“Consumers have shown the increasing need to explore food and drink combinations that enhance their sensory experiences beyond wine, with non-alcoholic beverages in particular offering opportunities”

Innovation Trends and Opportunities in Pairing Food and Drink, 8 May 2017