Benefícios do Superior Taste Award

Benefit 1 : Prestigious TASTE CERTIFICATE to increase sales

  • Certification by prominent Chefs & Sommeliers, with an average 30 years of tasting experience : A strong sales argument to convince new clients
  • Credible differentiating mark form competition for domestic and export markets
  • The Superior Taste Award is widely recognized in the world as a respected quality seal
  • Consumers are willing to pay a premium for a certified product
  • Awarded products record higher sales in just a few months 

Benefit 2 : Notoriety and Visibility 

  • A free media kit with graphic elements (Logos, etc…) given to each awarded company
  • Easy to attract free media coverage
  • Awarded brands and companies benefit from a higher visibility and ranking on Internet
  • Active internet presence shows that your company is dynamic and innovative 

Benefit 3 : Feedbacks from the tastings 

  • Sensory Analysis Graph and Report
    • A Graph summarizes the opinion of the Jury for each tested product
    • A Sensory Analysis Report explains in great detail the judgement of the Jury. It also includes product improvements suggestions if applicable.   
  • Food & Drink Pairing Report
    • Food & Drink Pairing Report, provided by the judges, helps R&D managers to innovate further
    • Pairing suggestions will give new ideas to your clients and enhance sales 

Benefit 4 : Team spirit

  • The Award is a great opportunity to internally celebrate your team accomplishments